"VXTFinances: Where dreams find their wings and investments become stories of triumph. In every number and algorithm, we discover the heartbeat of hope. Embrace the future with us, where even the smallest investments carry the potential for greatness. Together, we build the bridges to financial horizons, where every goal is within reach"


Founded by Nimish Shrivastav on June 26, 2017, VXTFinances is a trailblazing financial venture that revolutionized investment strategies. Nimish, the sole founder, embarked on a mission to understand and replicate the operational prowess of fund management giants like BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard, over nearly three years, Nimish forged crucial partnerships and diligently developed an algorithmic quant calculation system. This system integrated a wide array of market data, encompassing technical and fundamental analysis, indicator strategies, insider activities, option chain data, candlestick fluctuations, PCR calculations, human psychology, and Gann dimensions.

The result was a powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence-based neural engine, capable of comprehending nearly 99.9% of the data sets influencing market volatility and asset movements, including stocks, commodities, gold, mutual funds, debts, and mortgages, after a year of rigorous testing and successful investments, VXTFinances achieved an impressive monthly gain of 6% with minimal risk. It was then that VXTFinances opened its doors to users, offering them access to a cutting-edge investment platform driven by innovative technology and the visionary leadership of Nimish Shrivastav.

History & Aim

In the ever-evolving landscape of the investment world, where one in ten individuals embarks on the journey of financial growth, challenges abound. Incorrect strategies and a lack of accurate analysis often lead to losses, even for the most diligent investors. Market volatility, with its unpredictable twists and turns, can test even the most seasoned professionals.

Now, in VXTFinances we're on the verge of a significant expansion, aiming to extend the benefits of our divesified portfolio management algorithmic investment systems to thousands of clients. This transition will eliminate manual errors, enhancing accuracy, and profitability for everone who are on a way to finiancial freedom

  • The ML-AI based neural system combines technical and fundamental analysis, indicator strategies, insider insights, and more to identify optimal market entry and exit points.
  • Backtesting has validated the reliability, assuring clients of its effectiveness.
  • VXTFinances also caters to professionals looking to grow their incentive funds and provides valuable education through live classes for students.
  • VXTFinances represents a new era of financial empowerment and prosperity, redefining the narrative of financial growth with technology and expertise.