Step 1: Registration and Account Setup

"Click the "Sign Up" button on VXTFinances' website"

"Provide your necessary personal information to create an account."

"You'll receive a confirmation email in your registered inbox."

Step 2: Email Confirmation

"Confirm your email by clicking the verification link sent to your inbox"

"Once confirmed, you can proceed to the next step."

Step 3: Serial Key Verification

"On the next page, there's a section for uploading a serial key."

"Request the unique serial key by clicking on the "Get Serial Key" option."

"Send an email to requesting the serial key."

Step 4: Serial Key Request

"You will receive an email containing your unique serial key."

"Convert this serial key to an insurance key by clicking on the T&C (Terms and Conditions) button."

"Proceed to the payment page."

Step 5: Account Opening Fee Payment

"Pay the mandatory account opening fee of ₹199 securely through the payment page."

"After a successful payment, proceed to the document uploading page."

Step 6: Document Submission

"Upload the necessary essential documents."

"Wait for 12 hours for document verification and account activation."

"Once your documents are verified, you can access and use the VXTFinances website."